Agneepath 1990

The movie depicts the life of a young boy, Vijay (Amitabh Bachchan), whose father gets brutally lynched by a mobster Kancha Cheena. It's a journey of his quest for revenge, which leads him to become a gangster as an adult. Watch out for Amitabh Bachchan in one of the most powerful roles of his career. Will Vijay lose his family in the process of satisfying his vengeance?

Operation Agneepath 2018

A special forces officer is tasked with stopping a terrorist attack in Bangladesh.

Agneepath 2012

A young boy's father gets killed unexpectedly by a fierce crowd. After fifteen years, the boy comes back to seek his vengeance.


Agneepath is a TV serial that was first aired on DD National, but currently airs on TV Asia channel USA.